Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hollywood On the Air

Photoplay Magazine  1934 and 1935

These shows were radio promotions for the movies.  There are 3 with Miss Ginger Rogers in them.  Sounding a lot like ads for the movies, they have sound clips from the movies and a light description of the story.  The show is also listed as "Hollywood Is On The Air" and can be found on archive.org.

Also: (updated December 13, 2012)


or listen (to #22) at:
Irene Dunne sings "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes", Ginger Rogers sings "I'll Be Hard to Handle",  Irene Dunne sings "Lovely to Look At", Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire sing "I Won't Dance".

The same record can also be found at:  (updated December 13, 2012)
and: (updated November 18, 2012)
this item is presented along with the RKO Radio Preview of Top Hat.  More information on the Top Hat recording can be found in this blog:

The Gay Divorcee

or listen (to #32) at:
and:  (updated December 13, 2012)
Fred Astaire sings and dances to "Looking for a Needle in a Haystack", Betty Grable and Edward Everett Horton sing "Let's Knock Knees", Fred Astaire sings "Night and Day", Ginger Rogers (and Erik Rhodes) sings "The Continental".

Twenty Million Sweethearts

or listen (to #42) at:
and: (updated December 13, 2012)
The orchestra plays a bit; Dick Powell sings "Fair and Warmer", The Mills Brothers join Powell in singing "Out for No Good"; Ginger Rogers, Pat O'Brien and Dick Powell in a scene; Ginger Rogers, the Princess of Pep, sings "Out for No Good"; Dick Powell sings "I'll String Along with You".

There is a salute to Jerome Kern, called "Sunny" on both pages.  In the intro, Ginger Rogers is listed as featured HOWEVER, she is featured dancing with Fred Astaire.  I don't consider the actress as truly being featured here with only the sound of her feet dancing to "Waltz in Swing Time".  I love the dance in the movie Swing Time but can't help feeling short changed, thinking I'm going to "hear" Ginger Rogers.  Fred Astaire sings "Just the Way You Look Tonight" and again, Ginger was standing near him in the film, but she is only there if you use your imagination with the radio.

Photoplay magazine images above available at:
Roberta - http://www.archive.org/stream/photoplayvolume44748chic#page/n543/mode/2up
Gay Divorcee  - http://archive.org/stream/photo47chic#page/n701/mode/2up
20 Million Sweethearts - http://archive.org/stream/photo46chic#page/n651/mode/2up

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