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Shell Chateau

Photoplay Magazine,   May 1934
Sometimes hosted by Al Jolson, and featuring Victor Young and his orchestra, this musical variety program showcased stars like Miss Ginger Rogers.  There is one episode featuring Miss Rogers available on archive.org. (see below)

Before you get to Ginger's performance you have to wait through the other entertainments.  Al Jolson sings and tells jokes.  Jack Penn and Peggy Gardener (sp?) sing, rather operatically.  Edward Everett Horton chats with Al and then performs a sketch to the mild amusement of the audience.  Al returns and sings some more little ditties and tells some more jokes that weren't old at the time (haha).  Harold Savoy comes out and does his schtick to greater audience amusement.  AND FINALLY Ginger Rogers arrives to talk about Top Hat (at 37:32).  She speaks a little pig latin and then sings "No Strings".  After Ginger and Al run through some dialogue from Top Hat, you are treated to Ginger singing "Isn't It a Lovely Day to Be Caught in the Rain".  Al finishes the show by singing "Sonny Boy".

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September 28, 1935

scroll down and look for the episode with Ginger Rogers or listen at:

There are some rights reserved on this program.  For full details of license:

Here is a clip of just Ginger's appearance:   

Missing from archive.org:
June 6, 1936 with host Smith Ballow (Jolson has left the show) also featuring Ginger Rogers, John Barrymore, Edward Everett Horton and Malvin Koontz, a lion tamer; and Olga Zeleste, a wild animal trainer (how did that go on the radio?)

Photoplay magazine image above found at:http://archive.org/stream/photo46chic#page/n557/mode/2up

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