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Lux Radio Theater

Photoplay Magazine    January 1937

Miss Ginger Rogers appeared many times on the Lux Radio Theater with host Mr. Cecil B. DeMille.  The episodes listed below are available in the public domain on  The first URL address listed under each year will take you to all the shows available for that year.  The second address is the specific show that has Ginger Rogers' performance.  These aren't all of her appearances, just those I've found on  If you know of any others, please comment and tell us all where they can be found.  After all, the more you know, the more you know.





October 12, 1936
The Curtain Rises
with Warren Williams, Alan Mobray and Billy Teasdale with special appearance by Lela Rogers


November 1, 1937
A Free Soul
with Don Ameche, Charles Winninger and Jack Arnold


February 14, 1938
Brief Moment
with Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Louis Calhern, Paul Harvey, Nigel Bruce and Grace Kern
(updated March 30, 2013)


February 20, 1939
Stage Door
with Rosalind Russell, Eve Arden and Adolphe Menjou

September 25, 1939
She Married Her Boss
with George Brent and Edith Fellows


January 22, 1940
Bachelor Mother
with Frederic March and Frank Albertson

December 16, 1940
Fifth Avenue Girl
with Edward Arnold, John Howard and Joan Perry


May 5, 1941
Kitty Foyle
with Dennis Morgan and James Craig

September 8, 1941 -  as Your Radio Theater
Tom, Dick and Harry
with George Murphy, Alan Marshall and Burgess Meredith
This show explains "for the men and women in the armed forces of the United Nations, Special Service presents Your Radio Theater".  It has the same format as the Lux Radio Theater with the same host, Mr. Cecil B. Demille but Harry James plays the trumpet and Helen Forrest sings where the Lux soap ads would have been.


May 31, 1943
The Major and the Minor
with Ray Milland with special appearance by Lela Rogers


January 29, 1945
(Host is Lionel Barrymore)
Lady in the Dark
with Ray Milland


November 16, 1953
(Host Irving Cummings)
It Grows on Trees
with Marsha Henderson and Greg Palmer


January 1, 1951
Barkleys of Broadway,  with George Murphy

April 19, 1955
Forever Female

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