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Top Hat - RKO Radio Preview

Photoplay Magazine    September 1935
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It is a recording of a radio preview of songs from Top Hat, the movie, starring Miss Ginger Rogers and Mr. Fred Astaire.  It is a "sparkling romance set brilliantly to music."  What with the great Rogers-Astaire magic on the dance floor and the wonderful score by Irving Berlin, you'd just be crazy not to be crazy for it and I'm sure it will be a hit!  The record only runs for 13 minutes and 27 seconds but in that amount of time you get:

Fred Astaire singing "No Strings"
Fred Astaire singing "Isn't it a Lovely Day (to Be Caught in the Rain)"
Ginger Rogers singing "The Piccolino"
Fred Astaire singing "Cheek to Cheek"
Fred Astaire singing "Top Hat, White Tie and Tails"

Check it out at:

I couldn't get the MP3 to play but the Ogg file (what a name) does work if you go to:

The songs are those from the movie but only "No Strings" includes the sound of tapping feet after the song is done.

The "Hollywood (Is) on the Air" radio preview for Roberta is also on the page for your listening pleasure.  Other "Hollywood (Is) on the Air" items are listed here:

In case you missed it, here is the review of Top Hat from Photoplay Magazine, November 1935:

You can find the review from Photoplay Magazine here:

You can find the photo, from Photoplay Magazine seen at the top of this page, of Ginger Rogers, Fred Astaire and Irving Berlin here:

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