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Screen Guild Theater

September 1940
There are many great performances by Miss Ginger Rogers for the Screen Guild Theater, in its many forms and through several sponsors.  A nice aspect of the show was that all the money that would have gone to the stars for their performances went to the Motion Picture Relief Fund - Country House, "to support those in need in the picture industry".  At the end of the early Gulf shows a quiz was given to the stars, and if they couldn't answer their question correctly, they had to pay a forfeit by doing something silly. 

The episodes listed below are in the public domain and available on archive.org. 


Each show has a number because there are several versions of some of them.  I think it is difficult to find the exact shows I'm looking for on the main archive.org page.  You can try and count your way down the pile there but I find it easier to scroll down to the list below the downloads (this list has the names of who's who in the shows available), find the show I want, and note what is listed just before it and then go back looking for the 2 shows together.  Just to keep things confusing, the numbers on the lower list don't match the numbers in the player (upper right hand corner of main screen on archive.org) and I don't know why.  Have fun listening.

- as the GULF SCREEN GUILD THEATER (CBS - 30 min shows):

October 1, 1939

24 - Imperfect Lady
with Clark Gable, Margaret Lindsay, Spencer Charters and Roger Prior (also host)
At the end of the show Ginger recites a poem about "A Bittle Lum".  The poem is included in her autobiography "Ginger: My Story", on page 181, where she writes about teaching the poem to Cary Grant.

April 7, 1940

51-Vivacious Lady
with Fred MacMurray and Charles Coburn and Roger Prior (also host)
At the end of the show Ginger sings "Happy Birthday" to her Grandpappy Smokey

April 6, 1941

81- Lucky Partners
with William Powell and Roger Prior (as host/narrator)
(no more cute quizzes)

- as the LADY ESTHER SCREEN GUILD PLAYERS (CBS - 30 min shows):

August 23, 1943

158 - Skylark
with Preston Foster and Allyn Joslyn

May 6, 1946

296 - Bachelor Mother
with David Niven and Francis X. Bushman

Missing from archive.org:

- as Camel Screen Guild Theater (NBC - 30 min shows):
April 7, 1949
Good Sam, with Gary Cooper  (was to air March 31, 1949 but was pre-empted by a speech by Winston Churchill)
April 20, 1950
The Cowboy and the Lady, with MacDonald Carey

- as Screen Guild Theater (ABC - 1 hr shows):
December 7, 1950
Tom, Dick and Harry, with George Murphy and Dennis O'Keefe

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