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Photoplay Magazine  August 1938

A radio drama series that was "well calculated" to keep the audience in suspense, featured Miss Ginger Rogers once.  The show was titled Vamp 'Til Dead starring Ginger Rogers as Amy.  This episode was sponsored by Autolight and the commercials are included.  The series was on for 20 years so there are a lot of episodes.  Wherever I see this show mentioned online, the title is spelled "Vamp Till Dead" which changes the meaning of the title so I've been resistant to spell it that way.

Vamp 'Til Dead

January 11, 1951
and scroll, a long way down, to:
Suspense 510111 411 Vamp Till Dead (64-44) 14520 30m48s

or listen at:

The collection has a notation of being in the public domain with an explanation of the license found here:

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