Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Silver Theater

February 1938
Miss Ginger Rogers didn't make many appearances on The Silver Theater but it made for nice conversation at the end of the show when the star and the sponsor, the International Silver Company, reminded the audience that Ginger ROGERS and 1847 ROGERS Brothers (silver plate) had something in common.  Hmmm, what could it be?

The episodes below are available in the public domain on

These shows are original screenplays written for the radio so they have a different sound to them than those that were adapted from the movies.  After listening, resist the urge to go out and buy silverware.

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November 27, 1938

The Captain Had a Daughter
Directed by Conrad Nagel with Jack Arnold and William Farnum (#13 on

March 5, 1939

Son of the Navy
Directed by Conrad Nagel with Elliot Lewis and Billy Cook (#27 on

Missing from

December 3, 1939,  With All My Love

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