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Academy Award

Motion Picture magazine      February 1941
Miss Ginger Rogers won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her role as the lead in the movie Kitty Foyle in 1940.  On April 6, 1946, she appeared on the radio show "Academy Award" (sometimes called "Academy Award Theater") to re-enact her role.  A lot has been cut out to get the show down to 30 minutes, but the story is the same.  There are a few commercials for the sponsor mixed in too.
It is available in the public domain on archive.org:


or you can listen to Kitty Foyle episode 2 at:


Motion Picture magazine      March 1941

To see Ginger Rogers getting her Oscar for the movie Kitty Foyle, check out:


You really should listen to President Roosevelt speak but if you just can't wait to see Ginger get her hands on that statue, move ahead to 1:30.

Ginger presents Fred Astaire with a special award at the 22nd Academy Awards for 1949.  He was in New York City and they set up a special "circuit" so the audience could hear him.  Ginger gives a nice speech and then chit-chats with Fred.
Go to part 3, minute 07:55 or listen at:
The blog page for this item is:  http://thegingerrogersresouce.blogspot.com/2013/01/ginger-rogers-presents-special-academy.html
(updated January 20, 2013)

Motion Picture magazine      June 1941
Motion Picture magazine images available at:

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