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Movie Posters

Photoplay magazine cover      January 1937
I'd like to start with this:  on there are some digitized posters from movies starring Miss Ginger Rogers.  They can be downloaded from  There is a link, on the page where they are available to download, that describes the content to have "No Copyright".  I don't know if this is true or not.  The posters are various versions of the advertising posters from the movies, originals and re-releases, so that might mean they were intended for public distribution and therefore, that might mean - no copyright.

I am not a lawyer, and I don't care to become one, so I'll leave it at this:  Below are URL addresses where you can find the posters on  If you want to download them, that is up to you.

Here is the address for the copyright details:

And here is the address for the posters featuring Ginger Rogers (and many more featuring other stars):

Specific movies:

A Chance at Heaven

Flying Down to Rio


Shall We Dance
Swing Time

Top Hat  (Majestic Theater advertisement)

Not exactly a poster, this item is for the cover of some sheet music of the song "Did You Ever See a Dream Walking" from the movie Sitting Pretty with Ginger Rogers:
For just the image of the cover:

On a different page, you can find a poster for the movie Storm Warning.  There are NO details as to whether there is any copyright on the items presented on this page:
For just the image of the Storm Warning poster:
There is a small article about Ginger Rogers, mentioning Fred Astaire, and some words about Alice Faye on the same page.  There is no mention of what magazine it is from but you might be able to guess the date:

The items below are posters from Swing Time and Shall We Dance, in French:  (updated Jan 19, 2013)

They are from a magazine called La Cinematographie Francaise from April 30, 1937 and available in the Media History Digital Library.  Below are the URL addresses so that you may peruse the magazine, but only if you can read French, unlike me: - Swing Time - Shall We Dance

For more information or to see the posters separately, go to this blog page:

A large number of advertisements from movie magazines for movies featuring the one and only Miss Ginger Rogers are on this blog page:

Pictures of Ginger from magazines can be found on these blog pages:

Photoplay magazine image at top of page available here:

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