Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Photoplay Magazine Color/Colorized Pictures

Here are a few color photos of Miss Ginger Rogers from Photoplay magazine.  They can be found in the Media History Digital Library, along with a lot of others that aren't as colorful.  It is a treat for me to see Miss Ginger in color.  It seems odd that a woman who was so colorful, and liked to dress so colorfully, was almost always seen in black and white during her movie career.  To see her in color, you had to watch her live.  I guess it goes to show that there is nothing more colorful than real life.

Photoplay magazine   July 1933

Photoplay magazine    July 1936


Photoplay magazine    February 1941

Photoplay magazine    September 1942

Photoplay magazine   April 1943

Media History Digital Library:  http://mediahistoryproject.org


  1. Nice pics, 'e'!!! I have the second one from the 'Shall We Dance' book...didn't really know it was tinted, tho... I'm with you on color pics... wish there were more...

    I'm making some fair progress on the SOM HueyTreatment - hopefully will have it out this weekend... hey! Ginger's 102nd is Tuesday! :-)

    KIG, 'e'!!!


    1. Thanks Hu! The colorization seemed to be done with few rules then. I've seen red and blue versions of Ginger's "Follow the Fleet" satin sailor-suit and several different colorized "Yam" dresses. I think the 3rd pic here might have been the only actual color picture. As far as tinting goes, my fav in this group is the first. I like the way they combined the sepia Ginger and the painting of the tree and grass.

      Are you going to have a special page for happy birthday Tuesday? I'm looking forward to the SOM HueyTreatment too!

      KIG, Hu!