Thursday, February 21, 2013

Magazine Movie Ads

I've come across a lot of ads for movies starring Miss Ginger Rogers in my time on the internet.  I've collected a lot of them here.  They are different from the movie posters, which is interesting... at least from my point of view.  I hope you enjoy looking at them.  All the images below are from the Media History Digital Library -

The posters below are in alphabetical order except for the first one, which is just to get you interested!

"Follow the Fleet"  The Film Daily     February 25, 1936

20 Million Sweethearts

Photoplay magazine     June 1934

42nd Street

Motion Picture magazine   April 1933
and Photoplay magazine April 1933

Broadway Bad

 The Film Daily  January 26, 1933


Motion Picture magazine   October 1938
and Photoplay magazine October 1938

Change of Heart

Motion Picture magazine    June 1934
and in Photoplay magazine June 1934
and Hollywood magazine  June 1934

Flying Down to Rio

Photoplay magazine   January 1934

Follow the Fleet

The Film Daily    February 5, 1936

The Film Daily     February 5, 1936

The Film Daily  February 13, 1936

The Film Daily  February 21, 1936

The Film Daily   February 25, 1936
I like this one so much I just wanted to see it again  :)

The Film Daily   February 25, 1936

Follow the Leader

Motion Picture News  December 13, 1930
This was called "Manhattan Mary" as a Broadway play but the title was changed for the film.

The Gay Divorcee

The Film Daily  October 9, 1934

The Film Daily  October 12, 1934

The Film Daily  October 19, 1934

The Film Daily   November 15, 1934

Gold Diggers of 1933

The Film Daily   May 4, 1933
The above item isn't exactly an ad for the movie but...

Photoplay magazine   July 1933


Picture Play magazine   July 1933

In Person

The Film Daily   November 13, 1935

Lady in the Dark

Photoplay magazine   October 1943
Not exactly an ad for the movie but I put it here all the same

Lucky Partners

Photoplay magazine   September 1940

Photoplay magazine   September 1940

The Major and The Minor

Photoplay magazine    November 1942

Hollywood magazine    October 1942

Mother Carey's Chickens

The Film Daily    June 26, 1936
This one is interesting because Ginger WASN'T in the movie!

Once Upon a Honeymoon

Photoplay magazine  January 1943
and (Hollywood magazine from December 1942)

Professional Sweetheart

The Film Daily    June 2, 1933

New Movie magazine   August 1933


The Film Daily     January 9, 1936

Romance in Manhattan

The Film Daily      January 17, 1935

Roxie Hart

Photoplay magazine      March 1942

Shall We Dance

La Cinematographic Francaise    April 30, 1937

Stage Door

Photoplay magazine      November 1937

Hollywood magazine   October 1937

Suicide Fleet

The Film Daily   November 5, 1931
When the "Old Fightin' Cock" announces something, you'd better listen!

Swing Time

The Film Daily  August 21, 1936

The Film Daily    August 21, 1936

The Film Daily     August 27, 1936

The Film Daily   August 27, 1936

The Film Daily  August 27, 1936

La Cinematographic Francaise    April 30, 1937

Motion Picture magazine   October  1936

Motion Picture magazine  October 1936
I don't know who blocked out Fred Astaire's face but it wasn't me.

Tales of Manhattan

Hollywood magazine     November 1942
not very exciting, I must admit

The Thirteenth Guest

The Film Daily   September 30, 1932

The Tip Off

The Film Daily   October 23, 1931
Here's that "Old Fightin' Cock" again.  At least this time, he put on a tie.

Tom, Dick and Harry

Hollywood magazine    August 1941

Top Hat

The Film Daily    July 31, 1935

The Film Daily    August 29, 1935

The Film Daily     January 9, 1936

Movie Classic magazine    September 1935
not really an ad but this page needed more Top Hat

Vivacious Lady

Photoplay magazine  June 1938
If you look closely at the ad, they call the song Ginger sings in the movie "I'll be Reminded of You".

You Said a Mouthful

The Film Daily   November 16, 1932


  1. Great movie ads! I always love to see the variation of an ad for the films. Whether it's that or posters.

    Really neat! :D

    1. I like the ads too. You can see which movies got a big build up and which ones didn't. I didn't realize how many there were before I started. If I had, I might not have tried to put them all together lol.

  2. Katharine Hepburn refuse the role in Mother Carey's Chickens and bought out her contract with RKO. Ginger was then going to play the role but was later replaced by Anne Shirley.

    1. Thanks for the inside info. Sounds like a rough time for that movie to keep changing leads. Ginger was pretty busy at the time and had plenty to do without this movie anyway.

  3. great stuff! amazing how much of that is still around... I have a few of the 'common' ones from eBay 'grab bag' clippings... The 'Chickens' movie reminds me I need to do another installment of 'Ginger movies that weren't'... well, after Roberta is's getting there...yeah yeah...

    KIG, y'all!


  4. 'Ginger movies that weren't' sounds fab! I can't wait for that one. "The Film Daily" has lots of little blurbs about movies Ginger was slated to be in but history shows that they didn't happen... just in case you are looking for more material ;)

    I'm glad all this stuff is still around. I'm banking on the theory that stuff put on the internet never goes away. It haunts former teenagers with Facebook mistakes, but maybe it will keep Ginger's memory alive forever :)

  5. ...yeah, I want to do more research on all things Ginger...honestly, I just haven't found time lately... my daughter hit fifth grade this year, and evidently that's when they hit another 'level' regarding I spend most nights reviewing stuff with her... then putting my son to bed around 9, and by the time that's done...bam! 10 o'clock or later - as this reply

    Maybe the summertime will allow for more 'free Ginger' time for research stuff... want to 'load up' each of the 'filmblogs' as well...

    I just hope the Internet doesn't implode upon itself, as I've heard may happen one day... eh... probably just another Mayan prophecy...

    KIG, 'e'!


    1. 5th grade? Sounds like just the beginning of the huge homework days! Summertime might just be a better time for large, Ginger related projects and uploads. If you want any help doing research just say the word. I'm a mega-geek and one of my favorite things to do is to make lists. It's funny because IT'S TRUE, LOL! [and it's a little bit sad but true too ;)] So if you want me to look around in the old fan mags that are online for something, I'd be glad to do it. You never know what you're a-gonna find.

      KIG, Hu!