Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Ginger Rogers Show

A pilot was made for a television series called... what was the name again?  Hmmm... it was just on the tip of my tongue, ... oh yeah...


The show wasn't picked up as a series.  The pilot did appear as a single episode on The Vacation Showcase, July 22, 1963.  It was called "A Love Affair Just for Three."  You can watch the show on

The story line had Ginger playing twins, Elizabeth and Margaret Harcourt.  One was a serious writer and the other a less serious fashion designer.  Both were beautiful and wore lovely clothes.  Charles Ruggles played their Uncle Eli.  Give it a look and judge for yourself how it went.  Fortunately, Ginger herself appears at the end of the program to talk about the future of the series.  Unfortunately, it didn't have a future.  

And, here are a few frame grabs from the show.

For a list of other appearances by Ginger Rogers on television, go to the "Television" page of this blog:


  1. ...I'm still not sure why I haven't watched this yet... I REALLY need to... OK...THIS weekend...well... SOMETHING will occur... not sure what... but, this one is at the top of the list, OK/

    thanks for the info...and friendly reminder!!!

    KIG, 'e'!


    1. You haven't seen this? Hu! Suffer no more and sit yourself down and watch it. It is only 30 minutes and you will love the end when Ginger talks about the show's future episodes. You can also download it off of if you don't have it already.

      Maybe you should work on the "Star of Midnight" - treatment a la Huey - first, so the plot can stay fresh in your mind. And then you can fully enjoy 2 Gingers for the price of one ;)


    2. ...sigh... still haven't! ...BUT, with the extra-long holiday ahead, I plan to check out LOTS of Ginger stuff, and do a 'general inventory' on Gingerbilia I've accumulated... so, here's hopin'!

      KIG, 'e'!!!!