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Radio Shows from A-Z

Motion Picture magazine  July 1933
Below are all of the radio show appearances by Miss Ginger Rogers that I've found on, in alphabetical order.  Most of the old time radio (aka OTR) websites list everything by show.  However, if you know the artist and you don't know the show, that doesn't do you much good.  At least it didn't help me out much.

What you see below follows these guidelines:
  1. If there are 2 URLs listed, the first is for the main page where the show can be found and the second leads to the show playing.
  2. Shows with titles starting with the word "THE" are listed as if the show name started with the second word in the title.
  3. Shows with the same title are listed chronologically.

22nd Academy Awards, 1949 - Ginger Rogers presents special award to Fred Astaire
(updated Jan 20, 2013)  (part 3, minute 07:55)

A Free Soul - Lux Radio Theater 

Bachelor Mother - Lux Radio Theater

Bachelor Mother (#296) - Screen Guild Theater  (with David Niven)

Big Show (The) - May 6, 1951; episode 27
(look for show:  51-05-06_ep27_Fred_Allen,_Georgie_Jessell)

Bob Hope Show (The) - From Camp Pendleton; February 8, 1844

Bookends and Babies - Amos and Andy,  episode 10

Brief Moment - Lux Radio Theater  (updated March 30, 2013)

Captain Had a Daughter (The) - Silver Theater

Capture Of Lizzie Stone (The) - original radio play (1943) (updated March 23, 2013)

Command Performance
August 21, 1943
August 5, 1944  

September 30, 1944  

March 7, 1946  

February 23, 1947  

Curtain Rises (The) - Lux Radio Theater

Emma - Cavalcade of America

Fifth Ave Girl - Lux Radio Theater

Gay Divorcee (The) - Hollywood (is) on the Air (movie promo)
and (updated December 17, 2012) 

G.I. Journal - January 12, 1945
(look for this show:  GI_Journal_450112_Fibber_McGee_And_Molly)

House Near Little Dock Street (The) - Cavalcade of America

Imperfect Lady (#24) - Screen Guild Theater

It Grows on Trees - Lux Radio Theater

Kitty Foyle - Lux Radio Theater  (with Dennis Morgan)

Kitty Foyle - Academy Award Theater

Lady in the Dark - Lux Radio Theater 

Lucky Partners (#81) - Screen Guild Theater

Major and The Minor (The) - Lux Radio Theater

Petrified Forest (The)  - Everything for the Boys

Recollections at 30 - compilation show of items from the 1930's but aired October 17, 1956 (updated 04/25/2013) Ginger can be heard at 10:32 singing "Isn't This a Lovely Day to be Caught in the Rain"

Roberta - Hollywood (is) on the Air (movie promo)
and (updated December 17, 2012)
Seven Hundred Boiled Shirts - Cavalcade of America

Shell Chateau - September 28, 1935

She Married Her Boss - Lux Radio Theater

Skylark (#158) - Screen Guild Theater

Son of the Navy - Silver Theater

Stage Door - Lux Radio Theater

Tom, Dick and Harry - Lux Radio Theater / Your Radio Theater  (with movie cast)

Top Hat - RKO Radio Preview of songs from the movie (updated November 18, 2012)

Twenty Million Sweethearts - Hollywood (is) on the Air (movie promo) 
and (updated December 17, 2012)  

Vamp Till Dead - Suspense 

Vivacious Lady (#51) - Screen Guild Theater

Motion Picture magazine image available at: 

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