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Missing Radio Shows

Photoplay magazine  April 1937
There are some radio shows Miss Ginger Rogers gave voice to that are listed in the public domain but aren't on (at least I can't find them).  I've seen some for sale on the internet, even though that would be a no-no seeing as they are in the public domain, but there it 'tis.  Those for sale, at least, aren't lost but some may have disappeared for good.

A Cavalcade of Stars

March 27, 1955, NBC network, a tribute to the Academy Awards with Ginger as one of many guests.  Show length:  29:25

Ben Bernie Show (The) -  

February 12, 1935 Ginger Rogers as guest sings and is interviewed.  Show length:  29:22

Big Show (The) -  

December 2, 1951 with host Tallulah Bankhead also featuring Fred Allen, George Sanders, Lauritz Melchior, Paul McGrath and Dolores Gray

Chase and Sanborn Hour (The) later called Charlie McCarthy Show (The)

December 5, 1937, host Don Ameche and Ginger as guest
April 16, 1939, also called "The Charlie McCarthy Show";  Ginger as guest in segment called "Dancing"
June 25, 1939,  host Don Ameche;  Ginger as guest plays a scene called "The Criminal Type" with Don Ameche.  Show length:  59:51
June 1, 1952, now called "The Charlie McCarthy Show", Ginger as guest

Conoco Listener's Hour (The)

March or April, 1931 with host R.C. Wentworth;  Ginger sings songs from Girl Crazy, the Gershwin hit that she was starring in on Broadway at the time

Front Line Theater also called The Star and the Story -  

Vivacious Lady - March 27, 1944 with Walter Pidgeon, produced by AFRS (Armed Forces Radio Service).  It is possible this first aired March 19, 1944 as The Star and the Story and was rebroadcast as AFRS Front Line Theater a week later.

Hollywood Hotel  -

I Met Him in Paris - October 7, 1938 with David Niven and John McLean, sponsor: Campbell Soup

Hollywood On the Air -

June 5, 1933; Ginger performs scenes from her movie Professional Sweetheart, with members of the cast

Lady In the Dark -  

1944;  movie soundtrack with Ginger Rogers and Ray Milland.  Show length:  20:30

Legends of the Screen

January 1, 1983; syndicated WCBS-TV air-checkThis was recorded in 1981 for television and syndicated by Personality Journalism Ltd.  Hosted by Nancy Collins, interviews with Ginger Rogers, Dorothy Lamour, Rhonda Fleming and Myrna Loy are included.  Show length: 1 hour.

Lux Radio Theater -

Barkleys of Broadway - January 1, 1951;  with George Murphy
Forever Female - April 19, 1955

Mail Call -  

October 18, 1942 also featuring Cary Grant and Gertrude Niesen

Mercury Theater - Lady Esther Presents Orson Welles (CBS) 

A Farewell to Arms - November 24, 1941 with Orson Welles (of course); episode 10

Packard Radio Hour (NBC) -  

September 8, 1936 - Ginger played host to Jack Benny, Mary Livingston, Allen Jones, and Francia White.  Fred Astaire was the host of the show but he was late coming back from Europe so Ginger filled in for him.
There is a small mention of it in The Film Daily  September 4, 1936

and again in Photoplay magazine December 1936, only this time it is described with Jack Benny as host and Ginger is the guest that Jack falls on during the show

Parade of Musical Hits also called A Paramount Movie Parade

December 1933,  program number 8; a Paramount Pictures syndication;  featuring Ginger Rogers, Maurice Chevalier, Bing Crosby, Jeanette MacDonald and Mae West.  Show length:  12:34

Prudential Family Hour of Stars (The) (CBS)-  

By-Line:  Nellie Bly - October 31, 1948; episode 5
The Secret Diary of Mistress Croft - November 21, 1948; episode 8
Appointment in Springfield - February 13, 1949; episode 20
The Capture of Kitty Stone - March 27, 1949; episode 26
Yo, Ho, Ho for Emily - May 22, 1949; episode 34

Screen Guild Theater -

- as Camel Screen Guild Theater (NBC - 30 min shows):
Good Sam - April 7, 1949; with Gary Cooper  (was to air March 31, 1949 but was pre-empted by a speech by Winston Churchill)
The Cowboy and the Lady - April 20, 1950; with MacDonald Carey

- as Screen Guild Theater (ABC - 1 hr shows)
Tom, Dick and Harry - December 7, 1950; with George Murphy and Dennis O'Keefe

Shell Chateau -

June 6, 1936 with host Smith Ballow and also featuring John Barrymore, Edward Everett Horton and Malvin Koontz, a lion tamer; and Olga Zeleste, a wild animal trainer.


Silver Theater -

 With All My Love - December 3, 1939

Sitting Pretty

November 1933, program #5, a Paramount Pictures syndication of a radio trailer for the movie Sitting Pretty with Ginger Rogers, Jack Haley, Jack Oakie, Show length:  13:19
December 1933, program #6, a Paramount Pictures syndication of a radio trailer for the movie Sitting Pretty with Ginger Rogers, Jack Haley, Jack Oakie, Gregory Ratoff and the Pickens Sisters.  Show Length:  11:43

Theater Guild on the Air also called U.S. Steel Hour (NBC) -  

 The Barker - September 17, 1950  with Paul Douglas,  60 minute show
 Within the Law - February 11, 1951  with Lee Tracy,  60 minute show

Your Movietown Radio Theatre

1947 "Return to America", ZIV syndication, with host Lela Rogers; Ginger as guest.  Show length:  27:32

I've seen advertisements for a show called "45 minutes in Hollywood", sponsored by Borden Milk, that Ginger was due to be interviewed on but I haven't found any listings for the show on any OTR logs or seen them available anywhere. 

Photoplay magazine image available:


  1. "Golden Age of Radio" on WBAI is playing the 1951 Big Show right now. It will appear on the archive in a week, I think.

    1. Thanks for the tip. WBAI indeed has the show from May 1951 available to listen to right now. The quality it pretty good too. I don't know how long it will be there but you can also find it on

      Let me know if you hear of the show from December of 1951. I've never heard that one.

      I'm a fan of public radio. I think it is great that so many stations are on the web so their programming is available to so many more people.

    2. WBAI had a salute to Ginger Rogers from last week (April 14th) in their archive. Nothing lost appears but they played "Lucky Partners", "Vamp 'Til Dead" and "Command Performance" with Rose Marie. Fun! It will be in the archive for 7 more days.